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The V2V (Vet2Vet) Program team is comprised of knowledgeable, seasoned volunteer veterans who based on their military service and experiences can effectively empathize with their fellow veterans and help them navigate through the many complex procedures when seeking assistance. Most importantly, they are here to: Relate, Respect, Engage, Listen, Assist Talk, and Encourage. They are a cadre of Veteran Facilitators that will respond when a veteran or family member seeks or is referred to the V2V Program for assistance. Team members are not trained medical personnel or licensed counselors; however, they can refer veterans experiencing symptoms of PTSD or TBI to the appropriate professional/organization, including the VA. They also can work with State V.A. offices with issues related to benefits you may be entitled to, education, unemployment, homelessness, hunger, and strained relationships, to name a few. Please contact an “On-Duty” Facilitator for further information at “910- 604-4443” or email us at “

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